974 College Street, Toronto

416 532 7424

Open Tuesday to Saturday

5pm to 10pm





soup of the day 5.25

arugula – arugula, roasted pinenuts, shaved parmigiano reggiano
and red onions with a balsamic vinaigrette 9.95

beet and spinach – roasted beets, spinach, goat cheese and
candied almonds with a balsamic vinaigrette 9.95

tuna – flaked italian tuna on arugula with red onions and a fresh
lemon and olive oil dressing 10.95




caponata – eggplant, tomatoes, celery, green olives, capers, raisins
and pinenuts in a agrodolce sauce, served with grilled italian bread 10.95

– known as the spicy calabrese caviar and
n'duja – smoked pork sausage both served with grilled italian bread 12.95

octopus – thinly sliced marinated octopus with capers, calabrese green
olives and celery with fresh lemon and olive oil served over arugula 13.95

arancino – a rice ball with a veal, pea and mozzarella centre served
with tomato sauce 5.50

white sicilian – fresh white sicilian anchovies marinated in a herbed lemon
oil served with fresh tomatoes, garlic, basil and grilled italian bread 9.95

shrimp – pan-seared shrimp in a spicy pizzaiola sauce served with grilled
italian bread 11.95

speducci – grilled lamb skewers finished with extra virgin olive oil 9.95

pani-cunsato – warm italian bread filled with salted anchovies, sundried
tomatoes, fresh basil and grated parmigiano 7.75

mushroom crostini – porcini, oyster, portobello and crimini mushrooms
topped with fontina cheese on grilled italian bread 9.75

ricotta crostini – fresh ricotta cheese topped with peperocino and
shaved parmigiano reggiano 8.75

spicy tuna crostini – large calabrese peperoncini stuffed with italian
tuna over arugula on grilled italian bread 12.75

antipasto for two – a selection of imported calabrese and sicilian
antipasti 18.00

formaggi for two – a selection of italian cheeses served with imported
calabrese and sicilian antipasti 25.00



all sandwiches served with a mixed antipasto

veal – breaded veal with sautéed mushrooms and sweet or hot peppers
with provolone and tomato sauce 12.95

tuna – flaked italian tuna with lemon, olive oil, red onions and arugula
on an italian sesame bun 11.95

grilled chicken – marinated grilled chicken served with caramelized
onions and goat cheese finished with a balsamic glaze 12.95

sgombro – flaked italian mackerel with fresh tomatoes and lemon
olive oil served on an italian sesame bun 10.95

steak – grilled tenderloin tips with a garlic, tomato and basil aioli 16.95



pistacchio – spaghetti with fresh tomatoes, parmigiano and basil in a
pistachio sauce topped with fresh crushed pistachios 16.95

porcini – penne with oyster, crimini, and portobello mushrooms in a
parmigiano and porcini cream sauce 16.95

fretta – spaghetti tossed with fresh ricotta and grated parmigiano 14.95

burro – penne with butter and parmigiano 13.95

puttanesca – penne with capers, infornati olives, tomatoes, basil, garlic
and salted anchovies in a spicy tomato sauce 16.95

domenica – spaghetti with a tomato sauce slow cooked with pork
shoulder, meatballs and italian sausage 19.95

nonna – linguini in a tomato sauce 12.95 add caponata 15.95

sicilian – spaghetti with fresh white anchovies, pinenuts, raisins,
tomatoes, garlic, basil and dill in an olive oil sauce 16.95



served after 5pm

osso buco – veal shank braised in red wine and vegetables served over
daily potatoes 27.00

tenderloin – petite bone-in tenderloin with a fresh tomato, garlic, caper
and mint olive oil sauce, served with an arugula salad 28.00

lamb chops – grilled lamb chops with a balsamic reduction served with
daily potatoes and vegetables 30.00

steak salad – grilled beef tenderloin medallions with goat cheese and a
balsamic glaze over an arugula salad 24.00

tilapia – seared tilapia with sundried black olives, white wine, caper berries
and fresh lemon served with daily vegetables 23.00

swordfish – grilled swordfish with a fresh tomato, garlic, caper and mint
olive oil sauce, served with daily vegetables 28.00



vintages subject to change

negroamaro, mezzomondo, puglia   gls 7  btl 26

chianti, sensi, tuscany  gls 8  btl 30

valpolicella, farina, tuscany  gls 8  btl 30

montepulicano, collefrisco, abruzzo, 2010
(organic montepulicano)

nero d'avola, pellegrino, sicily, 2009 (nero d'avola) 40

primitivo, due palme, puglia , 2009 (primitivo) 45

sangervasio rosso, sangervasio, tusc. 2010 (sangiovese/cabernet) 45

segreta rosso, planeta, sicily, 2010 (cab. franc/merlot/syrah) 45

armacia rosso, crisera, calabria, 2009 (nerello/malvasia nero/galiopo) 45

valpolicella ripasso, novaia, veneto, 2008 (valpolicella) 50

chianti, fiano, tuscany, 2009 (sangiovese) 55

barbera d'alba, brovia, piedmont, 2010 (barbera) 70

amarone, farina, veneto, 2006 (rondinello, molinaro) 80

barolo, enrico, sarafino, piedmont, 2007 (nebbiolo) 90

trebbiano, villa ginnetti, italy gls 7  btl 26

bianco, leone de castris, puglia gls 8  btl 30

pinot grigio, montalto, sicily gls 8  btl 30

san vincenzo, anselmi, veneto, 2010 (chardonnay, garganega) 35

soave, la cappaccina, tuscany, 2009 (garganega) 40

antinori bianco, antinori, tuscany, 2010 (chardonnay, malvasia, trebbiano) 45

segreta bianco, planeta, sicily, 2010 (grecanico, fiano, viognier) 45

pinot grigio, armani, veneto, 2010 (pinot grigio) 50

gavi di gavi, enrico sarafino, piedm. 2010 (cortese) 60

poggio bianco, castello di ama, tusc, 2009 (pinot grigio, chardonnay) 75



moet et chandon 375ml 75

moet et chandon 375ml 125

veuve cliquot 750ml 135



jeio, extra dry gls7  btl38

jeio, rose gls7  btl38

bisol, dry btl65



2oz 9.00

black skirt – espresso, vanilla vodka, baileys, kahlua

white skirt – vodka, white cranberry juice, ice wine vodka

campari bubble – campari, carpano sweet vermouth, prosecco

french – chambord, vodka, lime, pineapple juice

icetini – ice wine vodka, apricot nectar, cranberry juice, lemon

cosmo – vodka, cointreau, cranberry juice and lime



1.5oz 8.00

café – brasilena cold espresso, white sambuca and cream

cin cin – prosecco and aperol

crodino – crodino bitter and moscato wine

calabrezzy – vodka, sanpellegrino grapefruit, fresh mint and lime

americano – campari, carpano sweet vermouth and soda

italian long island – long island iced tea, limonata and chinotto

bosco – amaretto, pear and banana juice

negroni – campari, carpano sweet vermouth and gin

arancino – aperol, cointreau and blood orange juice

fresca – gin, fresca, fresh basil and lime

almafi – lemoncello, limonata and fresh mint

amore – amaro, red bitter and aranciata



all desserts made in-house

sicilian cannoli – fresh filled mini ricotta cannoli with crushed
pistachios 6.50

nutella sandwich – chocolate and hazelnut cream between
italian bread, served warm 6.50

tiramisu – layers of espresso dipped lady fingers with
mascarpone cream 9.75

chocolate cake – chocolate cake with a mascarpone, hazlenut
icing, served warm 9.75




15% gratuities added to groups of 6 or more
18% gratuities added to groups of 10 or more